iPad Hands On

The Wait is Over
9.7 inch iPad was released today at a 500 invite art studio full of techs, bloggers and the media. iPad uses same apps and iPhone, has 3G connectivity and it won't be on T-mobile.

Ubuntu One Installation Instructions- Cloud Computing

Requirements: Because we want to give everyone using Ubuntu One the very best experience, we require that you run Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) or higher.

Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and higher

Ubuntu One is pre-installed.Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Handbook


HP India rolls out DeskJet D5568 wireless printing solution

San Francisco Airport Plans Free Wi-Fi

SFO appears ready to add to the free airport Wi-Fi trend:

This is yet another surprise to this veteran watcher of airport Wi-Fi. The San Mateo County Times appears to have broken the news that the SFO airport authority wants to switch off the money flow when the current T-Mobile contract ends in February. The authority would try to keep T-Mobile as a managed services vendor for up to two years, but would tender a new request for bids for the airport's long-term wireless provider.
SFO would join Boston, which is finalizing its free decision; Seattle-Tacoma, which switched over this month; and potentially, Atlanta. Denver started offering free Internet access at the end of 2007.
SFO has competition in its area with two smaller airports: Oakland in the east bay and San Jose in the south bay; both of those airports switched to free Internet service in 2008.
Don't cry for the service providers who operate networks in these airports; that's primarily Boingo Wireless, which under the Concourse brand has the lion's share of airport operations; AT&T and T-Mobile operate most of the rest. Airports aren't inclined to run their own Wi-Fi networks, and thus providers may shift from the hassle and cost of collecting fees and splitting revenue to providing a fee for service, which is much more reliable income over the long haul.