Women in Tech 2010

Last year, our list of the Most Influential Women in Technology raised plenty of eyebrows, ire, and fist pumps of joy — depending on the reader. And we’ve no doubt this list will follow suit. But the overwhelming number of nominees and fresh names proved that, while women in tech may remain at a distinct disadvantage by almost any metric (average salary, top-management representation, etc), there is also plenty to celebrate and be inspired by.


More people buying Wi-Fi-enabled devices

As more electronic devices become networked, consumers are flocking to gadgets with built-in wireless access, according to a report released Monday by In-Stat.
Worldwide shipments of TVs with Wi-Fi are expected to jump from less than 5 million last year to around 65 million in 2014. Wi-Fi-enabled Blu-ray players will also be up there, with more than 61 million units expected to ship in another four years.
Collectively, shipments of all stationary electronic devices with built-in Wi-Fi, such as TVs, Blu-ray players, gamee consoles, set-top boxes, and photo frames, are likely to surpass 200 million units in another four years.
Portable gadgets with Wi-Fi are also in hot demand and expected to get hotter. Among all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, mobile phones will enjoy the greatest volume over the next few years, with In-Stat projecting 515 million handsets shipping around the world by 2014.
Shipments of tablets with built-in Wi-Fi, such as the Apple iPad, are forecast to hit more than 46 million in another four years, while notebooks will surge ahead with 265 million units shipped. Portable game consoles, such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, could see shipments of more than 30 million in another four years.
Overall, shipments of all Wi-Fi-enabled appliances and devices could soar past 3.5 billion by 2014.


Security Encrypted search - Google

Google delivers encrypted search Wi-Fi fiasco

The company confessed that its Street View cars had surreptitiously harvested payload data from open Wi-Fi connections. The cars were meant to merely record the hotspot's SSID and MAC address to help improve location-based services, but the company claims that the piece of legacy code used to collect the information was mistakenly reaping payload data as well.
Google insists that the data wasn't used by the company and is in contact with the relevant authorities in each country to ensure that the data is disposed of properly.

Read more: Google delivers encrypted search to head off Wi-Fi fiasco | Security | News | PC Pro http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/357976/google-delivers-encrypted-search-to-head-off-wi-fi-fiasco#ixzz0oAmOdaJl

Semantic Web 3.0

Web (Re)Design"Web 3.0" may be subjected to the same techno-spin as "Web 2.0", but unlike its often-abused predecessor this term is allied with an official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) initiative known as the "Semantic Web". In a nutshell, the Semantic Web is about two things:  

Common standards and formats for the integration and combination of data drawn from diverse sources.

A language for recording how data relates to real world objects that allows either a person or a machine to start off in one context, and then move through many other contexts connected simply by relevance. 

Web 3.0 HTML5 video/audio and CSS3

"How One Miami Web Design Firm Positions for iPad and Web 3.0 Transitions"

With its recent introduction the iPad was heralded as a W3C standards-based device, encouraging if not requiring compliance with HTML5 in general and support for HTML5 video and audio in particular while dropping Adobe Flash altogether. It is as if a line were drawn in the sand with Apple on one side, Adobe on the other, and website owners and developers expected to ally with one or the other. But choosing the one means alienating advocates of the other, and we didn't see that as good business for anyone except maybe Apple. We decided instead to support both-HTML5 video/audio as well as Flash-and we developed the VA4Most.js™ freeware Javascript utility to accomplish that.

Online marketing websites http://WebReDesignMiami.com andhttp://PervasivePersuasion.com before it attest to the fact that our Miami web designboutique has for years promoted the benefits of W3C standards compliance and practiced what we preached. So naturally, we were pleased that by making clean HTML5 and CSS3 a key component of being “iPad Ready", Apple was forcing the issue. But practically, we do not expect our web design clients and their user base to abandon proprietary plugins like Flash or FLV media overnight. So our approach with VA4Most is to support Flash for what's now, support HTML5 video and audio for what's next, and facilitate the transition from one to the other.
As we explain at VA4Most.WebReDesignMiami.com, our freeware may not be the first open/proprietary HTML5/Flash video/audio media embedding alternative. It is, however, the first of its kind to pass all seven tests of “Web 3.0 Readiness". This means, among other things, that web pages serving up video or audio can leverage VA4Most to qualify as “iPad Ready" today with no changes needed when browsers like Internet Explorer 9 add native HTML5 video and audio functionality tomorrow.

Say Hello to Media 3.0

Media 3.0

Smart TV Is Almost Here: Do you wish your television set was connected to the Internet? Google and Intel hope you do. They’ve got a new web TV platform in the works and Sony will be the first consumer electronics company to offer the Smart TV service. Paul Otellini, Intel chief executive said, “The revolution we’re about to go through is the biggest single change in television since it went colour,” OK then.
Set A WiFi Password Now: Google admitted that its Street View Vans unknowingly gathered data, like emails, from unsecured WiFi networks, mostly from people’s homes. The moral of this story, stop right now and go set a password on your WiFi router!
NYT Will Charge For Online Content: After many rumors, the New York Times announced that the NY Times.com will start charging users to read articles beginning in January. The Times has yet to reveal how much it will cost to access certain content or whether it will be a pay-per use or subscription model.
Map of Germany Subject Poster Print, 24x36WiFi owner fined for lax security in Germany. German citizen responsible for the security of their own private wireless network. http//:news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/10116606.stm