AirWave Wireless Management Suite and Virtual Branch Networking Solution Win Superstar Awards, While the RAP-2 Remote Access Point Grabs a Shining Star

Aruba, a global leader in 802.11n wireless LANs and secure mobility solutions, announced that it has been awarded three awards as part of the eighth annual Mobile Star Awards(TM) program. The program promotes the top mobile products and deployments across a broad range of categories including applications, enterprise software, and wireless network products. Superstar awards, the highest honor, were conferred upon Aruba's AirWave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS) and Virtual Branch Networking (VBN) solutions. Aruba's RAP-2 Remote Access Point received a Shining Star award.

AWMS is the only network management software to deliver full visibility and control over multi-vendor wireless networks. A single, easy-to-use console provides a window into all aspects of network operation, simplifying the work of network engineers, Help Desk staff, IT managers, and security analysts. The suite includes four primary components:

* AirWave Management Platform (AMP)
* VisualRF(TM) Location and Mapping Module
+9dB 15" 3x WiFi Booster Antenna for Aruba Networks AP 70
* RAPIDS(TM) Rogue Detection Module
* AirWave Master Console & Failover Servers

AirWave OnDemand, a cloud-based enterprise-class network management service, is the newest extension of the AWMS product line. Using sophisticated tools previously available only to large organizations with large budgets, AirWave OnDemand allows even the smallest organization to efficiently manage, monitor, and control its network.

The VBN solution dramatically simplifies the complexity and cost of deploying a remote solution at branches with one to many users. Complex configuration, management, software updates authentication, intrusion detection, and remote site connectivity tasks are handled by powerful data center-based Aruba controllers. Centralizing these services in the controllers enables the branch office equipment to be greatly simplified and cost reduced. The virtualized functions are transport-independent, so any wide-area network -- including inexpensive cable, DSL, and 3G cellular -- can be used to connect branches offices.

The RAP-2, a component of VBN, securely connects remote users with enterprise network services and applications. Featuring authenticated wired and Wi-Fi access, and with a list price of just $99, the RAP-2 is a very economical solution for branch offices and fixed teleworkers.

"'Go Mobile' readers are among the industry's most savvy mobile business users, so Mobile Star Awards winners can claim they are the users' choice," says Jon Covington, MobileVillage founder and president. "Winners are chosen by real users based on real results, not hype. New mobile services competed on an equal footing with well-established solutions, and both nominees and winners are the new leaders to watch."

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