CWNA: Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide

1. Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies
RF Fundamentals
RF Mathematics
RF Signal and Antenna Concepts
RF Antenna Accessories
2. IEEE 802.11 Regulations and Standards
Spread Spectrum Technologies
IEEE 802.11-2007 Standard
IEEE 802.11 Industry Organizations and Their Roles
3. IEEE 802.11 Protocol and Devices
IEEE 802.11 Protocol Architecture
IEEE 802.11 MAC and PHY Layer Technologies
WLAN Infrastructure and Client Devices
4. IEEE 802.11 Network Implementation
IEEE 802.11 Network Design, Implementation, and Management
IEEE 802.11 Network Troubleshooting
Power over Ethernet (P0E)
WLAN Architectures
5. IEEE 802.11 Network Security
IEEE 802.11 Network Security Architecture
IEEE 802.11 Network Security Analysis, Performance Analysis, and Troubleshooting
IEEE 802.11 Network Security Policy Basics
6. IEEE 802.11 RF Site Surveying
IEEE 802.11 Network Site Survey Fundamentals
IEEE 802.11 Network Site Survey Systems and Devices

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