Sing Celebrate - For A King Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My Grandmother Billie Jean Williams was born in Haiti. She's 2/4 Jewish and American. She Married my grandfather Joseph Williams who's father was a slave.

Rheta Williams my mother and her family owned property in Louisiana, ran stores and were mostly teachers. They lived just on the other side of the Mississippi river where slavery was rampant.

I am grateful for all those who suffered, marched, and sacrificed for my freedom.

United States Army Of One Logo StickerHaving followed my Grandfather and father into the Armed Services United States Army I am very well aware that Freedom is not free. Billions have died from the diaspora, thru Haiti, to this land we call America. 

Today we honor the warriors who were the catalyst that brought about the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.  "I Have a Dream": The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Home Use)Happy Birthday to a King.

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