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The Bluetooth SIG (special interest group) announced "formal adoption" of Bluetooth 4.0, which includes a new LE (low-energy) mode. Allowing devices to operate for more than a year on button batteries, the spec will let controllers wake host devices within three milliseconds and transfer data at 1Mbps.
Even in advance of the December announcement, chipmakers were jumping on the Bluetooth 4.0 bandwagon. The previous month, for example, Texas Instruments (TI) had announced what it said was the "world's first single-chip, single-mode Bluetooth low energy device" in the form of the CC2540 SoC (left and below).

Single-mode chips such as the TI part will be destined for highly integrated, compact devices that use a minimum of power. Meanwhile, it's said, current Bluetooth chips will be able to talk to such devices once they have been equipped with a new low-energy software stack.

Bluetooth 4.0 Specifications out for Certification http://bit.ly/aQ4GPX

Bluetooth 4.0 leads Gartner's top 10 mobile tech list-http://bit.ly/cTjc4V 2011 Bluetooth 4.0 will introduce a new low-energy (LE) mode that will enable communication with external peripherals and sensors.
Bluetooth 4.0 and its LE technology "will enable a range of new sensor-based business models in industries such as fitness, healthcare, and environmental control and will be used by handset and PC peripherals to enable new functions, such as PCs that autolock when users move away from them," says the research group. Earlier this month, the Bluetooth SIG announced that Bluetooth 4.0 devices will start arriving in the fourth quarter of this year.

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