Crossbow Japan Introduces Next Generation RS485 Wireless Mesh Network System
 Crossbow Japan Ltd., a subsidiary of Memsic, Inc., along with strategic partner Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. announced today the availability of the RS485 Wireless Mesh Network System. The System enables users to convert existing wired RS485 systems into wireless networks just by replacing the wired connections to the wireless WS-Z5000A node.
Using leading-edge wireless sensor networking technology the RS485 wireless connection offers versatility for industrial use of 1:1 or 1:N. The WS-Z5000A can be easily configured within the software enabling the user to easily adopt the WS-Z5000A into a wide range of different RS485 wired protocols.
Crossbow Japan, who has been supplying customized wireless energy solutions to the Japanese market for several years, has now expanded the flexibility of its solutions with the introduction of the WS-A5000A for equipment requiring RS485. This system is a cost-effective solution for users in industries faced with wiring costs and line noise problems. The need for a solution that quickly and easily facilitates the multipoint digital system is here. MEMSIC/Crossbow-Japan's expertise in sensing and wireless network solutions have shaped WS-Z5000A and launched an advanced system for smart and effortless industrial links.

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