Cisco CRS-3 Router To Make Internet Faster

Do you already have the fastest internet in your area?  Can you imagine being able to download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in just over ONE second?  Things like steaming the newest released movies to your computer or television can be done in just 4 minutes.  That is where Cisco’s new router comes in.
Today, Cisco announced a next generation router that will revolutionize the internet by increasing downloadsto unheard of speeds.  Since the internet is largely becoming the place for downloaded videos and live streaming events, Cisco is certainly on the right track with their technology.  One issue remains though and that is when the heck are we going to be able to take full advantage of this wonderful advancement?
Apparently, AT&T has been discussing the deployment trials with the CRS-3 and will hopefully be getting the internet to their users faster within the next calendar year.
What would this mean for the average internet user? Well, average Joe isn’t going to be making a big deal about it, but there are plenty of college kids that use the internet as entertainment and might like getting a streaming movie to their desktop a bit faster.  Companies like Netflix, that allow users to stream live from over 12,000 titles, will benefit from technology like this without any doubt.  Apple’s iTunes will also benefit from this allowing them to get files to their users even faster.
Keep an eye out for this to become reality, the only bad thing is that ISP’s will have to upgrade and for some, it might not be worth it.

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