Cisco Intends to Simplify Home Wireless Networking with its Wireless Router Lines

Cisco introduced its two latest 802.11n wireless router lines: the Valet and Valet Plus. The target of the company is to make home wireless networking more accessible with the help of these two router lines.
The Valet which has a price tag of $100 is considered to be a wireless networking newcomer. If you do not want to configure a large number of settings by means of a complicated Web-based interface, it is possible to use the Cisco Connect software which is added to the Easy Setup Key USB flash drive. Due to it you are able to take advantage of a secure wireless network along with Internet access within five minutes.
As for the Valet Plus, it has similar functionality, but it also has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as an additional antenna that improves wireless coverage. Moreover, the Valet product line offers the Valet Connector which is regarded to be a USB Wi-Fi dongle. In fact, it is used for older PCs which lack a Wi-Fi networking ability.
Furthermore, apart from basic network setup, the Cisco Connect software spots a couple of additional features. Users are able to set content- and time-based access limitations in order to avert children and teenagers as well from getting access to mature content. Also there are Safe Browsing security features due to which you will be warned about possible viruses and malware.
The four new Linksys E-Series routers are designed for more advanced users. All of them come with the Cisco Connect software that simplifies the process of setup. There are no extras on the entry-level Linksys E1000, the device has four 10/100 Ethernet ports used for wired networking. The E2000 offers dual-band functionality which means that one can use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz spectrum. As for the high-end E3000, it has a USB port and UPnP media server.

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